Monday, July 21, 2008

Kyle the Hyper Hypo

So last night we were playing in the living room and Kyle A. was walking around the table talking. Daddy Kyle was in the attic cleaning something. All of the sudden I hear "crash, fizzle, fizzle..." I turn around and realize that daddy Kyle had left his Vault (like a Mountain Dew) on the coffee table. Well Kyle A. picked it up and drank some before dropping it all over the table and floor. I cleaned up the mess, thinking that was the end of it.

Well I was reminded of this video about 30 minutes later.
Philip the HyperHypo skit on SNL

He couldnt decide what he wanted to do! Up, down, walk, crawl, up, down, walk...... hug, throw that toy, run around the table, crawl, climb daddys leg......etc.... It went on for an HOUR!!! WOW! That was one powerful drink!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthdays, walking and more...

This evening we joined our friends Billy and Stef to celebrate Stefs birthday. Along with the Bean family the Sweeny's were there as well, minus Miss Maddie! Kyle hung out at the end of the table and did his favorite thing, people watching. Oh and eating of course.... From guacamole to dad's black beans, we tried it all!!!! Don't forget Stefs yummy birthday cake sans icing.

Also today we started walking down the hall by using the walls. He is now investigating the pictures hanging on the wall, the thermostat, anything that is above him really. He is growing SOOOO fast! I swear he has grown 3 inches this last week alone!

Other than that we had an internet extravaganza yesterday, including, standing in line at Verizon Wireless for almost 2 hours..... Ugh, is all I really have to say about that nonsense. Dont really feel like going into it, so I wont.

New job for mommy is fantastic! It is the perfect job, especially since my wonderful father (wink**) let me borrow his laptop and I can now work in the living room. Very handy!!

Well, the friends I mentioned earlier are still out celebrating as I post this, but here are some pics from dinner!

Devin trying to light candles in the wind.... Not so easy!

Yay! Happy birthday Miss Stef!!!!!

The Heintschel 3 with the one and only Billy Bean!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well Kyle is starting understand no. It is so hard when you tell him no and he turns around and sticks that bottom lip out like you just took away his puppy! Where do they learn that stuck out bottom lip?!?!? And the pout!!!!

He is getting brave when he is pulling up and cruiing along the couch. He is now turning around from the couch and reaching across to the coffee table. Occasionally he lets go and either stands freely, or falls quickly!!! Either way, he is right back trying it again 2 seconds later! Other than that he is finally reaching when he wants you to pick him up! I never thought that would happen. He always gave you this, "Whatever, take me or leave me but you aren't worth the extra effort!"

On the mommy front things are good! I just started a new work-at-home job with Reynolds & Reynolds. I evaluate phone calls between customers and car dealerships! I am really excited and I will post more once I get further along. Right now I work 20 hours a week and finished my in house training in less than a day! So from here on out, it is me at home on the comptuer! More to come on that later!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

A country get away....

Just a few pictures from our weekend in Burnet! We went visited everyone including Hunter and Megan and their new addition! He was so tiny... Kyle was never that small :(

Passed out with GiGi!!!

My very own 2 inch tall ice cream cone at the Christmas Cafe in Burnet! YUM!!!

"Cissy, those are the coolest Christmas ornaments EVER!!!"
Uncle Hunt and Aunt Meg with their new handsome little man Conner!!! So cute!!!!

Kyle was not impressed with Conner. He got SOOOO mad when I held him! Hunter actually had to take him outside to take his mind off of it!

Sitting on Uncle Hunt's bike! Trouble brewing?!?!

Playing with PopC on the S.S.U.B.

Hanging out with PaPa in the golf cart before it was time to head home. He was giving driving pointers!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Door Greeter

Well everytime I take a shower, little man gets put in his playpen and moved in front of the bathroom door.

Thought I would show you all the happy little face that greets me!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brand new world....

Well I figured the whole world is blogging, so why not me! Our little man is growing by leaps and bounds!!! People always told me that they grew up quick! I already miss the days where I could put Kyle A. in one spot go to the kitchen and come back to my baby in the EXACT same spot! Now he stands at the gate, yes stands, and yells at the dogs! Where have 8 months gone!

Our big events this week: Little KA got his first black eye! As I was installing the new fireplace guard (the cushy thing that keeps him from hitting the rais hearth) he slipped and fell and hit the brick with his left cheek bone :(. He cried for a good 30 min and it even bled!!!! Well as a mommy friend of mine mentioned, I now have survived my first "momtastrophe". Geez.... I wasnt prepared for a little boy!

So here is a picture of that black eye once it settled in.

I am afraid to leave the house too much for the fear of someone calling CPS! It doesn't seem to be slowing him down much. I did manage to finish installing the guard so hopefully no more black eyes for at least a week!

Well I am off to go help Aunt Jamie look at future wedding sites. But hopefully I can keep this site updated more than our previous site!

With love ~ Heather