Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to the zoo...

A sunny 78 degrees in February and we head to the zoo in Waco! Mainly just a photo post, but we were joined by Geralyn, Bella, Evie, Nikki, Ella, Kyle, Sofia, Sofi, and Nico.

Yes that is a different Kyle. As Ella so eloquently put it, "There are two Kyles in town now."

Enjoy the pics, we enjoyed the day!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hearts and Flowers and Such

So, Valentines has come and gone, I did get some pretty flowers from my daddy and from big Kyle. I combined and made two really pretty arrangements!
Little Kyle had two different Valentines parties this year. One at our friends Mrs. Angela and Noah, and one here at home. I am a big oaf and didn't take pictures really at either location, I did happen to get this one cute one.

I also managed to get a picture of Kyle's first art. He did the entire bag stickers and all (sans the name :) ). I have decided that I will make a big photo frame and keep art of the month displayed, and take pictures of all pieces. This way I can keep the art without the mess of it all!

Other than that on the home front, little Kyle is turning into a rather melodramatic child, freaking out mostly at a Little Tikes Train. I am not sure why this train is the bane of his existence, but it is. He shares well with others, even food, but for some reason this train turns him into a hellion. So, problem solved, train is now in the garage.
And his thoughts on the matter... well see for yourself:
Well I guess that is it for now, maybe I will think of more later! If not, here are a few more pics for your enjoyment.

**His new favorite spot :)**

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Man, it is February 3rd and a beautiful 72 degrees. Bright blue skies, a nice cool breeze, and a 15 month old with a sore bottom that won't look at the camera. But that did not stop me from taking pictures anyway! Enjoy! Oh and there are some extra bubble bath shots! Look at all those teeth!!!!! He has 16 now....