Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Monster - By Kyle Andrew

This story was told to me by my darling son.  His effects are in blue, my responses are in red.  Enjoy.

I was walking in the street one day and then (pause for dramatic effect *PFDE*) here he came.  *GASP*

It was a big blue MONSTER.  With pointy ears.  *PFDE* (and visual aides) and he growled and roared with sharp teeth.  I told him "NO POINTY EAR MONSTER!"

And Mommy, mommy are you listening? (Yes Kyle) Ok good, this is the best part.  *PFDE with GASP* I fought that monster with a sword!!!!  (Where did you get the sword?)  In my pocket.  It was folded up like an errplane (duh mom face).  So I said, "Listen here snake monster!"  (I thought it was the Pointy Ear Monster)  It is mommy, but he is a pointy ear snake monster that sounds like this *ssschhhuuuggghhsch*  So I fought it and it ran away. *GASP*

That was a good story right mommy?  (It was the best I have ever heard.)  Way better than your stories mom.  Remember it.  (Yes sir.)