Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A whole new world.

Well, I figured this new year, new home, new job, new everything deserved a fresh new look. So..... I have decided to start a brand new blog. (Well that and my old blog won't let me use my new email address and that is really annoying :-) )

So, here we are.

2010, wow.
  • 10 years have passed since I graduated high school
  • 8 years have passed since I met Kyle
  • 7 years have passed since I was diagnosed with cancer
  • 6 years have passed since I became his wife
  • 5 years since I had all test show no more cancer cells for a whole year
  • 4 years since I was told I would never have children
  • 3 years since I found out I was pregnant
  • 2.5 years since my Uncle Bobby passed away
  • 2 years since I became a mommy
  • 1.5 years since I have been able to stay home with my son full time
  • 5 months since Kyle lost his job
  • 3 months since we sold our house in Bryan College Station and moved to Houston
  • 2 months since my daddy had a stroke
  • 1 month in my brand new home with my Kyle's

That is a lot in 10 years!

A high school friend of mine posted on her blog about choosing only 1 word to set as a resolution for the new year. (Thanks Jen :) ). I decided to hop on the band wagon and choose my word.

My 1 word resolution for 2010 - Appreciation

I need to take a step back from every aspect of my life and make sure I appreciate every piece. Appreciate my son trying to help me hang pictures on the wall instead of getting frustrated that he keeps hiding the nails. Appreciate my husband working as hard as possible to provide for Kyle and I, not get frustrated that he isn't home on time. Appreciate our families amazing help, love and support, not get frustrated by grandparent re-programing (any parent will understand this statement).

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. I just need to get back at looking at the positive side to the coin.

OK, I also need to work on the whole blogging thing :)

Alright that is enough for now!


(If you ever want to go look at our old blog, just scroll down :) I imported all our old blog posts )