Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wanted: Lake and a Helmet

Ok, so at church this morning I was going to leave the kiddo in the nursery for the first time with out me. There usually is not a set attendant, but today there was. So I was actually going to get to go to church!

Anyway, as I am leaving the room he pulls up on a shelving unit, steps on some rolly toy thing, slips falls, and catches his fall with his face.
Insert screaming here and me turning back around. I pick him up and looky there he has a 2 cm gash right below his eye and a scratch that goes from above his eyebrow down onto his cheek.
So 20 min of bleeding later, I spent yet another Sunday in the nursery!

So after a trip to Casa Ole and the grocery store. Both Kyles took a much needed nap. Then we headed to the lake! It was a beautiful day!!!!!!

Here are a few pics from our afternoon!

Other than that, this weekend was busy! We had a garage sale Saturday and man, those things just wipe you out!!!! We had people trying to look in our frosted garage windows at dawn. I swear, I opened the door into the garage and there were outlines of peoples heads in each window like little raccoons. Just pure maddness. But at any rate we made some extra cash for our upcoming small vacation for Kyle's 1st birthday to SeaWorld and Texas Safari! Woohoo! Ya, ya I know, he won't remember it, but we will! And mommy loves Sea World! :0)

Monday, September 22, 2008

While you were out....

Ok, so maybe it was while I was out! Another month has passed and I am 34 days away from my baby turning a year old! That is just utterly insane...... Life is going on as usual over here. I increased my working hours to 32 hours a week. Thus the lack in family updates! It is not bad, but sitting this much is KILLING me! Luckily Kyle sleeps thru most of my working hours, since he is an early riser and long afternoon napper! yay!

On the daddy Kyle / general news front it has been a slow month for car sales thanks to good ole Ike freaking everyone out. Thanks Ike! Speaking of "him" we managed to escape the dirty side of the storm and just got wind and rain. Our fence kinda leaned and we had a few large branches in our backyard. Other than that, it was business as usual except daddy was home!!! Speaking of daddy, he is amazing. I seriously could not be blessed more with such a great husband and daddy.

On the baby Kyle front, it amazes me daily that 11 months ago, the little guy was not even born. Now he is walking, waving bye bye, saying bye bye, can shake his head yes or no in response to a question, and knows the sign for eat! Wow, so much happens in such a short period of time. God really does do amazing things, and I am reminded of that every morning as I walk in Kyle's room and say good morning to my beautiful son. He is also now able to climb in and out of his favorite tug boat all by himself. It reminds me of the Tyson chicken commercial, "We have a climber!" He almost got up on the couch today by himself as well... Im not ready for that nonsense.

On the doggie front, the poor neglected doggie front, the girls are good. Nellie has become a barker due to new neighbor dogs and Jade had to have surgery last week to have some teeth removed. Talk about making me feel bad!!!! She got extra loving since I felt it was my falt for letting her weekly teeth brushing fall to the wayside. At any rate, Nellie lives now with her bark collar on constantly, and Jade is terrified if you come near her with hers.

Ok, enough typing... here are some pictures! Y'all take care!

Eating leaves while helping clean up Uncle Danny and Aunt Jamie's yard after Ike!Daddy and Uncle Danny trimming trees.

Click on the link above to see baby Kyle getting in and out of his tug boat an walking around! All at 10.5 months old!