Thursday, February 11, 2010

So much for getting better at blogging..

I guess saying I am going to get better at blogging is like saying I am going to diet. hahahaha.

Here is what we have been up to:

Kyle and I test drove a few mommy groups here in Houston to see if any fit with us. Found one that we do like, and the great thing is they have play dates 6 days a week! So there is always something to do if we want to get out of the house.

We have been stuck indoors a lot lately thanks to this crazy rain we have had. We have been waiting to get our backyard landscaped and put in our new patio until it dries out enough for the builder to come re-grade the dirt. So much for that happening, right now we could host mud wrestling in the backyard.

Kyle and I, along with our good friend Allison, have been exploring Houston every Wednesday. So far we have adventured to the Alley Theatre(ok so this was just mommy, Allison and her brother Keith), downtown tunnels, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and Memorial Park.

We are LOVING our new house. Kyle loves his playroom. We spend 90% of our time in that room during the day. I am still working from home for ReyRey and this playroom has given me the great opportunity to set up shop in a chair in the corner and still be part of the action (aka vroom vroom).

We have decided on a Mothers Day Out / Pre-school program for little man. It is with a LCMS church in Jersey Village. Kyle will start in September and will go Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-2pm.

What is little Kyle doing these days?

  • Well he has slowed down growing some. He is still way bigger than most kids his age, rounding out that 95-100% in both height and weight.
  • He loves driving cars everywhere. By far cars are his favorite toys.
  • As for TV he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Word World and a new show I found called Auto-B-Good. Movies he really likes are A Bugs Life, Cars, and Finding Nemo.
  • He has become extremely picky about what shoes he is wearing and gets really upset if you don't let him pick.
  • He loves fish sticks and b-burbers (cheese burgers) but will destroy corn on the cob instantly! He still eats most fruit, not including melon (those are yucky). He also still eats most veggies, but not quite with the same enthusiasm as before.
  • He is becoming quite the talker, considering he didn't have anything to say until he was about 18 months old. I speak fluent Kyle, but most people can get the gist of what he is talking about. He is putting together sentences well. For example, I didn't understand what toy he wanted and he said, "Mommy, I will show you. Follow Kyle."
  • He can recognize about 13 letters without prompting and likes to shout from the backseat of the truck different letters that he sees. His favorite letter is M.
  • Numbers are still on the fence, but he can count to 4 without messing up. However if you add 5 into the mix you get "2, 3, 5" His favorite number is 2 without a doubt.
  • If you ask him how old he is, he will argue to the death that he is "2 days"
  • He knows what a square, rectangle, circle, heart, star, and triangle are, and tries to draw them. The only one he has mastered is the circle :)
  • He loves to help. No matter what you are doing, he wants to help. It can be frustrating, but I know he gets so excited about helping.
  • He LOVES babies. He talks about babies all the time. Talks about how he wants to be a big brother. We will see.
  • He makes up silly songs and titles them. This usually happens while we are in the car. Some examples of song titles are, "Backseat of daddy's truck song", "The mommy song", "The big truck in front of us song" These songs usually come with crazy spastic dancing and big belly laughs because he finds himself hilarious.
  • If you tell him we are going to Target he says, "Icee please!" :)

Ok, sorry for the really LONG post, with NO pictures, however I haven't been taking many pictures lately. I promise I will get better at it!

Until later friends!