Monday, October 19, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Little Kyle - "No, no, no, no, no, no, ummmmm no, no, no...." Response from big Kyle, "FINE, have them all!"

Conversation about what spoon little Kyle wanted to use to eat his pears. Just another conversation with a VERY opinionated 2 year old :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yes I would like some cheese with my whine.


Done. Period.

I am so tired of being positive and happy and smiley. Things suck in the world of Heintschel right now and I need a small pity party. So I am throwing myself one here on my blog. Be fair warned it is full of whining and complaining, totally one sided thoughts, and if you have spent anytime with me in the last month you might already know it all.

So if you might be offended (and just to let you know I am not complaining about anyone person here, just situations) by my ranting, just go to another blog for the day.

1. Kyle looses his job. Yes, this statement is completely and totally sucky. As I write this we just surpassed the 1 month unemployed mark and it was a milestone I never wanted to see. I understand these things happen, and trust me, I have said that OVER AND OVER the last month. I know we will be ok, but right now we are looking at a lot of mud on the window and I can't see the other side. However, my husband will never know how unbelievably stressed I am about this situation. It is my role to support him, love him, pray with him, and help him find a job. It is not my place to bring him down with stuff he already knows. (And no he won't find any of this out because I am not sure he even knows we have a blog.)

2. The complete trip from HELL aka Disneyworld. Ugh.

3. My son apparently coming into the terrible 2's at a running start. Hissy fits, hitting, biting, screaming like he is loosing skin, tantrums, throwing himself on the ground, running away from me, sticking stuff in his mouth while running from me, the horrible word NO, not wanting to hold my hand, etc. How am I coping? Anything and everything is what I am trying. Some days threats work, other days time out works, other days it is spanking. I know this is a phase, but I am ready for this to be over.

4. Big Kyle gets the flu. yay. Yuck.

5. Big Kyle gets a migraine that requires a trip to urgent care. yippee.

4 + 5 = 5 days of single parenting, house steralizing, and two whiney Kyles.

As I said at the beging of the post, I am done. I need a break, and I praying that tomorrow at Kyles drug test / criminal background check for a job in Houston, they tell us yes he is hired. Then, maybe then we can have forward motion with one foot on the moving sidewalk that has been knocking us all on our butts for the last month.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Absent Blogger

Our Family Portrait from Church

Well, with the wide world of Facebook, I consistantly forget to update this. Since I last graced this blog with my typing abilities (ha) a LOT has happened. Here is a list:

1. About 19 million theme parties. It was a fast and furious summer with get togethers every weekend. We had a blast, but I am so glad it is currently break time. :)


2. Little Kyle attened his first ever Aggie football game. It was fun and he loved the band and yelling at the student section.

3. Kyle started 2 days a week at Powersports MDO. He goes 9-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and loves it. Doesn't want me to leave him, but isn't ready to go when I pick him up. He brings home all sorts of art projects and stories of "Bouncy, bites, bunnies, pig, draw, dance" Not really in that order.

First day and none too happy about getting up this early :)

4. My great aunt Nini passed away. She was a fun, spicy woman while she was alive and had a few long years near the end of her life that she was unable to speak. That never stopped her and my Aunt Lynda from cracking me up. Nini you will be and are missed greatly.


5. My mostly content little man has lost his ever loving mind and entered the terrible twos. Period. But oddly enough it makes me want another baby?


6. Big Kyle lost his job. Okay, so maybe that should be number one on the big list of updates. It sucks, and we are dealing. He has an interm job for now that isn't all that great, he isn't happy with it, but it pays the bills until something more permanent comes along. He has had great response and multiple interviews, call backs, etc. The one sad piece of news, we have a 90% chance that we are moving to Houston. We love it here in good ole BCS and hate to leave, but luckily we have great friends in Houston, plus all of Kyle's family is there.


7. Insert mulitple wedding festivities here. Our good friends Jesse and Kim got married the last weekend in September and over the summer we took part in wedding showers, a CRAZY bacholerette party in Austin, and of course the wedding. Congrats Sandovals!

Pole dancing class at Brass Ovaries, awesome name don't you think?


7. Went to Disneyworld. Ummm, ya, Happiest Place on Earth? Apparently not for my family. I was working on a very in depth play by play but I get insane everytime I think to hard about the literal trip from down south, and I mean deep down south.

The short of it: Big Kyle lost his job couldnt make it. Little Kyle decided to be on his WORST behavior (aka tantrums of epic proportions). My grandmother fell in Hollywood Studios, broke her hip and dislocated her shoulder and had to be rushed to the ER via ambulance with my mom tagging along. (This is just day two I am on here)

Little Kyle and I decided ahhh heck, we will do Disney "Just the two of us, we can make it if we try" um nope my sons head decided to spin around and I was ready to come home.

Woke up from a nap and he was FANTASTIC. We had dinner with Kyle's cousins and had a great time.

2am little man woke up screaming. Insert 36 hour stomach bug, 104 fever and super awesome projectile vomit. That is how to round up a fantastic trip to Disney. UGH.


8. Totally random and just happened while typing this and the Kyle's were watching Smokey and the Bandit. Little Kyle saw them jump a car over a ditch and then it wrecked and blew up. He jumped on his push tractor ran it into the fire place jumped up and said BOOOOOM!!! Uh oh.

Well I hope that gets all of you who might read this blog updated on what's happening in the Heintschel's part of the world. I hope to start updating more frequently, but I highly doubt that is going to happen so I'm not even going to pretend that it will. Take care :)