Monday, July 13, 2009

Another month bites the dust...

Ok, so my blogging skills (if I had any to begin with) have fallen to the wayside. The past month has been super busy with visiting grandparents, many fun times with friends, trips to the lake, fireworks, downsizing our corporation to a 1 dog family, and somewhere in all that excitement we sleep.

I kind of feel like if you live in Texas right now, my next sentence will be like beating a dead horse. IT IS FREAKING HOT!!!!!! I can not remember the last time we had so many temperatures over 100 degrees. It really makes me want to slip into a drug induced coma and have someone wake me up when the temps around 75 show back up.

Ok, well, since I am way overdo for an update my brain is now fried and I can not think of anything else, so ON TO THE PICTURES!