Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

Another month that is. Well Kyle had his 15 month check up yesterday. Everything went great!
He is 28.5 pounds putting him in the 95th percentile and almost 34 inches tall putting him off the charts for height

Everything else checked out great and then we talked about how he didnt talk at first. Well that is not the case now! He says (so anyone can understand) mama, dada, juice (favorite word), byebye, that, out, and up. He can also sign more, juice (we just kept using the sign for milk), and hot.
Only other thing is they had us go to CPL to have some blood drawn because they think he might be boderline anemic (just like me). So we shall see! Overall, great check up!

Other than that, big Kyle is LOVING his new job. I have to say, having a husband home at 5pm at the latest every day is really nice. In our 7 years together we have never had weekends off, and now we do. I am not sure what to do with all that extra time :).

As for little Kyle, if it is possible for for a 15month old to have already hit terrible 2's.... umm it happened in this house. Now you must understand, he is a perfect angel around grandparents, strangers and daddy. Leave the house with just the two of us and his eyes start glowing red and his head begins to spin. Ok, so maybe not that bad, but somedays... Luckily the threat of spanking does more than an actual spanking and counting to 3 seems to work. Then mommy counts to 10 and downs a fifth of Jack. Ok, just kidding, maybe.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'd like to thank the academy...

Just kidding, but a friend of mine did nominate mr for the above award :) Thanks friend! As a stipulation, I must list 6 things I am thankful for and nominate 6 friends as well! So here goes:

~ I am thankful for my Kyles. Both of them. Both of them make me angry, want to pull my hair out, and very very tired, but life would not be worth living without them. They are fanastic boys that are full of love.

~I am thankful for being blessed to have more than everything I need. The Lord has a way of always making things work out so that we never go without. I thank him many times over for that.

~I am thankful for the chance to stay at home with my son and watch him grow. I am truly lucky to be able to sit on my couch, while working and playing at the same time!

~I am thankful for our extended families and the love and support they provide daily. It is truly tiring to have families that love to be so involved, but I will take that everyday over a family who wants nothing to do with us!

~I am thankful to be a mom. I can't really describe the way being a mommy makes me feel, because it just defines me. Becoming a mom has fostered many great new friendships, it has allowed me to have conversations with strangers that I now have something in common with, it allows me to watch my heart walk around outside my body.

~I am thankful for Nilla wafers, microwave pizza, Wal-mart peanut butter cups, diet caffiene free Pepsi, 1/2 and 1/2 ice tea from Chicken Express, Casa Ole, good BBQ, Macaroni and Cheese, chips and queso, a greasy cheese burger, and garlic, Lord thank you for garlic!

Now on to the second half of my challenge, to nominate 6 friends!

So I hearby give the Kreativ Blogger Award to:

Jennifer -
Leslea -
Geralyn -
Kerri -
Gini -
Jenna -