Thursday, April 30, 2009

Case of the Thursdays ?

Ok, so I am way late this week, but the picture pretty much sums up why.

That is a very sick and cuddly little man :(

Monday, April 20, 2009

Case of the Mondays

So this is what it takes to get a smile :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter / Bluebonnet Festival

Busy. That is the one word that describes this past weekend. Friday evening we headed to Burnet for Easter weekend and the almighty Bluebonnet Festival. We enjoyed family time Friday night and went to eat at this new hamburger place. I can not remember the name (sorry!) but it was awesome! I had a chicken ranch sandwich that was great!

The next morning we all loaded up in Gigi's van and headed to the good ole square. It was supposed to be around 80 degrees at noon. Well we reached our high of 63 degrees at 9am. Umm, so ya, so not dressed for the weather. After walking around and seeing all that the vendors had to offer we grabbed our spots for the parade. Jeez was it long. Lots of tractors and randoms cars so little Kyle was entertained. About halfway thru we got to see Aunt Hailey march by playing her flute with the band. It was about that point little man discovered that it was super fun to wave and tell everyone bye bye.

After loading back in the van we grabbed some lunch and headed to our great (FREE!!) seats behind the vet clinic to watch the airshow. It was little Kyle's first airshow, and he loved it! He thought the jets were really neat, but if it took a little to long for a plane to come by, boredom set in :) So thanks to Aunt Hailey and her sweet tea, entertainment for all! Well, until the rain came. Then we loaded up quickly and headed to the hospital to visit Cissy at work. After much needed naps daddy Kyle and I headed for a dinner without a little Kyle in tow.

When we got back from dinner, Popc and Cissy informed us of a super tantrum that a little man threw. He had a little red and yellow car that he tried to get in and couldn't. Yes, a little 10inch car he tried to get into and it infuriated him to the point of screaming and rolling around.

Easter Sunday we were going to go for an Easter egg hunt and Easter church service with Aunt Hailey, but little Kyle woke up and got into bed with us and snuggled! He never does this.... so we enjoyed the moment as long as we could. The three of us dozed in and out and watched cartoons for about an hour. It was a great morning.
Well once we all ate breakfast and got dressed Popc called and said that he had bought the large version of the aforementioned red and yellow little Tikes car. Now he says there is a special plan in place to give it to him at the hospital since Cissy had to work. After several rides in the golf cart while dad and Popc put the new car together, we headed up to the hospital with the little car in hand.
Once we got to the hospital he and the little car headed to the double doors to see Cissy (also known as "ississ"). Cissy met him at the doors and made him kiss the little car and tell it bye bye. Then she and the little car disappeared, then like magic, Cissy and the BIG car came thru the same double doors. He was amazed and in love.

While going all over the parking lot in his new car, we discovered that Popc's truck had a MAJOR flat tire. 1 hour later.... and a spare on the truck we headed back to the house for a BIG lunch.

We ate lunch and little man had his very first corn on the cob. LOVED IT!! And he did very well eating it. Then we had some Easter eggs in the front yard, took pictures, and then headed for home. We were no sooner out of the driveway and the little guy passed out cold.

It was a busy weekend, but it was great fun!

Now for some more of the pictures...

Case of the Mondays

"Anyone out there, want to join me in here?"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Now we are all in big big trouble.

Ok, so anyone who knows daddy Kyle knows that boats are life. End of story, do not pass go, etc... etc... Well I have found a new person who is even MORE enthralled by boats. What? You say? That could never be..... Oh yes people, it has happened, my son is a crazy boat loving fool.
Daddy Kyle keeps boat magazines and boat brochures around to stare at, drool at, dream about.
Well little Kyle discovered Daddys stash and now, that is all he wants to read. He passes up all other books, toys, everything and runs saying bbbbouat (he rolls his "b" and then the rest sounds Canadian) and then brings you boat magazine after boat magazine. He can show you where the motor is, the steering wheel, and can tell you the noise boats make. This is insane.

This morning I wake up hearing my usual MEA-MA...... MEA-MA, but then it is promptly followed by BBBOUAT non stop. So I take his normal breakfast in his room (a Nutri-grain bar and a carnation instant breakfast) and he won't touch it. Just kept saying boat, boat boat and jumping up and down. So I turn around to look what he is pointing at. There is was, a boat brochure laying on his changing table. So hand it to him and he sits down, takes his milk and breakfast bar and starts looking at the magazine while enjoying breakfast.

So not good people... he is truly OBSESSED. *Sigh* I need another girl in the house. Now for a random not boat picture.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and More

A friend of ours had us over for a Easter Egg hunt today! Kyle had a great time. Shortly there after he came home and helped dad mow the yard. Busy day for a little man!