Sunday, October 26, 2008


To my dear Kyle Andrew,

Exactly one year ago on this day a miracle happened. We headed to the hospital to get ready for your arrival. At about 12:00pm a nurse stated that it was time for you to be born. The nurses, daddy, mommy, Aunt Jamie, Cissy, and Grammy all joined hands as Grandpa said a prayer. Grandpa left the room and the nurses began working. 26 minutes later, you entered this world at 8lbs 11oz and screaming! Man you have some healthy lungs.

The doctors and nurses laid you on my chest and daddy and I marveled at what an amazing gift you are. You were born into this world surrounded by family and love, so much love. You still are surrounded by love today. In fact, I did not think it was possible, but I love you more and more each day. With each smile, with each new discovery, my heart explodes with feelings that words simply can not express.

This past year has been so full with all of your milestones and the desire to grow up so quickly! At 5 days old you began rolling over. At 2 months old you were rolling over all the time. At 6 months old you began army crawling. At 8 months old you began pulling up, walking around furniture, and hands and knees crawling. At 10 months old you begn walking. It blows me away to think about how much you have accomplished in one year. Only by Gods guiding hand and the occasional (ok, frequent) knots on your head was it possible.

You have your daddys watch and learn attitude, my smile, and your dads build. You are the best of both of us. You love to sleep and you come by it honestly, you also LOVE to eat, I am sorry to say that is a passed down quality as well.

Everyday I thank God for choosing us to be your parents. You are an amazing little man, you are mommys little man, and I love you with all my heart.




I just decided to update this post with a few pics from Kyle's birthday party! It was a great time and thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!
Addison hauling Madison around!

Madison and Addison having a talk.
Kyle going after Abigail
The dealership kids!
Kyle - Late October, Madison - Mid November, and Jonathan - Late November
Kyle in his new boat that cousin Addison gave him! Thank you Addison!
Opening presents while under the watchful eye of Miss Maddie.
Yum, cake!Singing Happy Birthday!
Abby making a break for the kitchen!
The Heintschel Family Pirates! Scargh!
Kyle's Smash Cake!
Yum! Cupcakes!
My creation! Pumpkin shaped hot pockets! They were filled with peperoni and cheese! Yum!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tractors, pumpkins and boats oh my!

Our little man is almost a year old..... wow... as I type this I have 11 days! He has been a very busy man recently. Helping mommy with laundry, talking up a storm, playing on the boat, playing with his new tractor, and helping carve pumpkins!

His new tractor is a thing of beauty in the eyes of both Kyles. GiGi bought it as an early birthday present and he LOVES it. He has recently learned that it can be used if pushed close enough as a step stool to retrieve interesting artifacts off the entertainment center. Lovely...

To pick our pumpkin carving stencil, we laid several design choices on the floor, showed Kyle each one, then set him down. He picked the bat by pointing, grinning, and handing it to daddy! Did he know what he was doing? Or was he guided by mommy and daddy oooo'ing and ahhh'ing? I shall say, he knew exactly what he was doing.... He is that smart.... ;) (I am his mother, so I get away with delusions right?)

Anyway, enjoy some more pics of the kiddo!