Saturday, November 29, 2008

Got Elf?

I borrowed this idea from a fellow mommy friend! It was too cute to pass up!

We Got Elfed!
Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Twilight...

Just thought I would take a few moments to share the following things I am thankful for:

~ My wonderful, understanding, helpful, strong headed husband. He makes life make so much more sense, and loves me and my odd quirks unconditionally. He has turned into an amazing father, and that only makes my love for him stronger. I love watching them together.

~My amazing little man. He blows me away daily with how fast he learns, how strong he is, and how he gets his temper from his daddy! He loves reading like his mom but loves boats and trucks more, just like Dad. It is really hard to believe that it has already been 13 months since he joined our little family, however at the same time I can not remember life before him.

~My job / my husbands job. Ok, I may never admit to that again if you ask, but I am deeply appreciative of the dealership providing a crazy hectic life, that allows Kyle to provide for Kyle and I. I am also grateful that I get to work from home and be a stay at home mom.

~Our families. We are truly blessed to have such loving and supportive families on both sides. We would not be the parents we are today with out them. Our son is blessed with an amazing aunt and uncle, another aunt, and two sets of amazing grandparents. He has a life full of family and for that we are truly grateful.

~Our friends. Whether new or old, mommy friends or dealership friends, college friends or high school friends, all the people in our life who help us stay sane with laughter, a night out, deep discussions or vacations...

~Now for my list of things that are random, but I am truly grateful for.... The Twilight Saga for letting me escape reality, ice cream because it needs proper recognition, dogs that are still loved even though a kiddo has taken the forefront, my oil lamp from Bath and Body Works for taking the ever present diaper smell out of Kyle's room, Facebook because I am just addicted, BCS Mamas for letting me be a part of an amazing group of women, comfy shoes that don't make your feet smell, wearing my husbands flannel pants, whoever first thought of creating a peanut butter chocolate combo, gas prices dropping, the Internet, and so so so much more...

~Above all else, I am grateful beyond words for my faith. It has struggled over the years, and I am sure there are trials that will still come my way. But most of all because I no longer define myself as just another person. I am truly a Christian Wife and Mother, and that means so much.


We spent Thanksgiving in Burnet this year. Here are just a few pics!
Hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day!!!!


Now the Twilight part...

Ok this is utterly stupid.

The Twilight Saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) have consumed my life this past week. I have not read like this in years. I officially read 2560 pages of teenage vampire stories in 6 days, and loved it. So on day 7, I read 264 more online.
My husband thinks I am crazy, but I have not gotten into a book, much less a series, like this in YEARS. I could read these books over and over and same with this movie. Ugh, I feel like a teenage girl that should have pictures of Edward Cullen posted all over my stupid Myspace page, but I can restrain to just gush about it on here instead.

I could see every detail, every picture so clearly it was like I was there, and involved. Ugh, ok thats enough I will stop. However, if you need to escape reality for even a moment... pick up these books and prepare to become addicted.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So as went to Kyle his morning cup of water.... I was greeted by a vistor in the sink.
Not cool little mouse, just not cool.

He was peacefully relocated to the empty lot next to our house.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

I already sent out an email to all my family and friends regarding this website that a mommy friend of mine mentioned. (So this might be a repeat!!) It sends birthday cakes to our troops that actually arrive on their birthdays!!! What a novel concept for the military. At any rate, show your love and support and order a cake!

Other than that on this rainy Veterans day I sit here very upset at loosing my only Kyle free place in the house to a ever growing toddler. He has now joined the big people on the couch and I am at all times now playing the laptop shuffle to keep a little ones hands out of mommys work. Luckily he only had to do about 8 or 9 belly flops off the couch to realize there must be an easier and much more graceful way to unload off of the couch. A few bruises and a scratch later, he now knows to flip over onto his tummy and slither to the floor. My reign on the couch has ended.... I am not sure I am happy with the outcome to this hostile take over.... but we shall see.

Have a great Veterans day! To all the men and women proudly serving our country I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting our freedom!

I shall call these pics (like I did on facebook)

How a one year old...

...talks on the phone! the living room.

...takes over the couch.

...chugs a beer. JUST KIDDING :)

... wears sunglasses for 2.2 seconds.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

So Kyle was a pirate for Halloween this year, as was mommy! I decided to get all crafty and make our costumes, and they did not turn out too bad! All three of us matched at Kyle's party, but daddy is a bah-hum-bug when it comes to Halloween. He swears that people are just casing the house. Whatever!

Dad was not home in time anyway, so me and the kid sat on the front porch in the blowup swimming pool filled with plastic balls and a bucket'o candy. We were pirates with buried treasure at sea. I was going for a theme here ;) J/K I didn't even think about the last part until a quick witted 8 year old neighbor pointed it out.

It was a good Halloween. Not as many kiddos as we usually see, but still a good chunk. Kyle was very interested in handing out candy and I was handed the entire bucket piece by piece several times. I would say thank you and he would nod, and hand me the next piece. Ahh hours of entertainment! Also entertaining mommy for the evening was the beautiful sound of a kazoo played by a 1 year old. Prodigy? Probably not, but oh well.

Our friends Collin and Ainsley stopped by to say hi! Collin was super shy and wanted nothing to do with us, but Ainsley was more than happy to take a picture with Kyle! She tried to hold his hand, and he litterally melted into the pool behind him. She had on kitty ears and face paint and he was a bit freaked out by the large red headed kitty!

So here are some pics of the kid! Happy Haunting!

1 Year Check Up!

Man he is a big kid!

So we went to the doctor Thursday the 30th for Kyle's 1 year check up. He came in weighing 26.4 pounds, putting him in the 90th percentile. He was 33 inches tall!!! That puts him in the greater than 97th percentile. He has stayed in the same percentages from the start so we are good there!

Other than that I talked with Dr. Hillner about him not talking yet. When I say he is not talking yet, he mumbles, but really has yet to call me "mama" or Kyle "dada". He really doesn't seem to care. However, if you ask him to point to dada or mama, he does that! Dr. Hillner stated that since he started walking so early, he would not be suprised if he was a late talker. He told me not to freak out yet ;), more than likely he was more concerned with becoming mobile and now that he is, he will start talking any day now!

He got a few shots, had a TB test, and then we went to CPL for blood work! Poor little man was exhausted after all that and when we got home he was asleep. So asleep I was able to take him out of the car, take off his socks and shoes, change his diaper, put him in a pair of shorts, clip his finger and toe nails, take off all the bandaids, wash his hands where the blood was, and put him in bed without waking up!!!! He was out!

Here is a picture of him passed out on the changing table!

Overall, yay for a great check up!